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  • Probate & Trust Litigation
  • Will & Trusts Contests
  • Probate & Trusts Administration
  • Residential & Commercial Real Estate
  • Contracts, Corporations, LLC’s
  • Title Search and Insurance

With over 20 years of Real Estate experience, I can guide you through the process of buying and selling properties

Probate and Trust Attorney

The right attorney understands more than the law. The right attorney understands how the law affects and impacts your case, your life, and your financial interests. Mas información sobre maquinas tragamonedas. When you need a probate and trust attorney, choose Edward H. Hamilton, Attorney at Law.

Edward H. Hamilton is the right lawyer for you because he has spent over 20 years in Tennessee courts protecting his clients’ rights and both their financial and personal interests. Mr. Hamilton’s experience handling estate and trust matters can help you solve your legal issues from the most basic to the most complex, whether those issues involve wills, probate, guardianship, or trust matters. He also handles real estate title work and closings.

Probate and Trust Administration and Litigation

Mr. Hamilton represents individuals as well as corporate trustees, personal representatives, and beneficiaries regarding the administration and transfer of assets involved in estates, probate, and trusts. He can handle a variety of litigation matters related to will and trust administration and litigation:

  • Will contests and disputes
  • Estate administrations
  • Will and probate litigation
  • Will and Trust litigation
  • Estate tax determinations
  • Removal of trustee
  • Removal of personal representatives
  • Misuse of powers of attorney
  • Stolen Funds
  • Conservatorships and Guardianships
  • Incompetency

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Attorney

In addition to matters of  Wills and Trusts, Mr. Hamilton can assist homeowners and businesses complete residential and commercial real estate transactions. Real estate issues often arise in probate and trust matters.

Seek an Experienced Real Estate, Probate and Trust Attorney

The administration of trusts and probating of wills is serious, requiring the skilled hand of an experienced lawyer. It may seem like an arduous task, but you do not want to find yourself administering a trust or involved in probating a will without legal guidance. If you find yourself involved in a legal issue, contact us to learn more about how Edward H. Hamilton can help you.

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